Miss PopOut

“ for those who are over looked and ready to be seen - it’s your time now ... let them see you “
Those words hit so different now.. TODAY especially. Ive been through every emotion building the brand.. ALONE W/ NO TEAM!!.. I’ve wanted to give up , I wanted to ignore my gifts , ive condescend my talents and dimed my own light just to make others feel more comfortable. So I took a year off - planning / plotting / advancing / mastering / learning every aspect of running a business the way I saw best fit. I’ve did good business with BAD BUSINESS MEN that’s slowed down my process to the point I almost found myself throwing in the towel today.
But I focused on the bigger picture and it made the launch that more favorable for me... ideas don’t just come to you..... it’s the start of YOUR LEGACY. When the world and everything around you seems chaotic and out of your control, find peace in knowing.. it’s not what you go thru - it’s how you get through it. THANK YOU TO MY CORE GENUINE SUPPORTERS. Y’all have held @popoutbrand down & it would be a disservice to not come HARDER THAN BEFORE. More Blessings🙏🏽🤞🏾 #availablenow— VIP CUSTOMERS GET EARLY ACCESS! 

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